"Wadanohara is a long game… I want to finish it… but I keep falling asleep during the intense parts…"

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[[I might end up using this lovely little cannibal here as my face claim from now on, since it’ll be weird using Mami icons on a Homura blog.]]

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"… I can’t wait for Super Smash Brothers to come out… then I can annihilate people online and watch them make excuses or accuse me of cheating…"

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Tell me what Persona you think my muse would have!

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[[Okay, but consider this: Velvet Room Attendant Nanami.]]

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Fun fourth-breaking wall facts before I fall asleep…


I share a VA with Marie from Persona 4 Golden…

Owari-san has the same VA as Naoto Shirogane from the same series, which makes sense, because they’re both strong, in a sense…

Mioda-san and Yukiko Amagi, also from Persona 4, have the same VA… which makes sense, since they both like to laugh and make people smile…

Komaeda-kun and Naegi-kun have the same VA as Ken Amada from Persona 3… I guess it’s a hoodie thing…

Oowada-kun has the same VA as Shinjiro Aragaki from Persona 3… They both like being around white dogs, it seems…

Enoshima-san (and Ikusaba-san) have the same VA as Yukari Takeba, again, from Persona 3… I’m not sure of a connection, though…

Fukawa-san and Syo-san share Elizabeth’s VA (from Persona 3). They both get to be playable in a game where you fight things…

Ishimaru-kun and Junpei Iori (P3) have a VA connection…. though I can’t see Ishimaru-kun saying, “Who’s the man?” when he wins.

Asahina-san and Metis from Persona FES… well, you know… They’re both kind and… empathetic is the word, right?

And lastly… Togami-kun, both of them, have the same VA as the main character of Persona 3. I want to see them both have blue hair… and yell out “Persona…”

Edit: I forgot… Yamada-kun and Teddie from Persona 4… They both seem to be around bears a lot, don’t they…

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meme; things I like to know about rp partners


I came up with this based on things I love to know about RP partners! ;; Feel free to reblog and fill in your own answers-- or don't. Shh. Love me. 



I like to be called: Jerilyn or Jer.
My favorite color is: Purple.
Gender: Female.
One thing you should know about me: My interests are really varied which is why I’m really into crossovers.
One thing you should know about my muse: There’s the DR series Nanami, and then out of DR Nanami. One’s pretty much the same Nanami, and the other’s a lot like Koishi from Touhou and wanders and comes across people.
First language: English, but I took a couple of Japanese classes, so I know a little. (Although my first teacher wasn’t good and I know very little kanji.)


Age range: under 13 | 14-17 | 18-22 | 23-25 | 26-29 | 30+
Am I okay with NSFW?: Yes | No | Sometimes
I have: one | more than one muse(s).  
My favorite/most common thing to RP is: angst | fluff | smut | crack | other (I’ve never actually fully RPed smut in my 9 or 10 years of RP.)
OC friendly?: Yes | No | Depends.
RP blog: does | doesn’t contain OOC posts.

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無駄な時間に 未来はあるの?

[[I finally finished the blog I was working on! You’re welcome to follow it, and you don’t have to know Persona 3 to interact with her.]]

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[[I’ve been completely inactive here, but then I have inspiration to do this. Help.]]

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Reblog if you love your Muse to death

[[Look at the Nanami! She’s ready to rob the local Gamestop when Persona Q comes out]]

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spoil ur favorite anime while being as vague as possible



Nagito komaeda

He forgot, now he’s rich

I MUST KILL THE WITCHES. No, you are the witches. She’s a goddess and I’M DARK LORD SATAN AND I CAN’T EVER BE HAPPY.

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A picture of myself for MUNday. I got my hair cut over the weekend, and my hair that got dyed a while back still is dyed on the top.

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i n t r o d u c t i o n :


name: Chiaki Nanami
nickname(s): None as of yet.
d-o-b: March 14th
relationship status: Dating video game characters and doing bad at it.
random fact: Nanami once tried cosplaying a character from her games, but she always fell asleep when she tried making it, and there was no place online that sold the outfit.


name: Jerilyn
tumblr url: shsl-kuraevato
nickname(s): Jer, Jeratrice.
relationship status: *one direction laugh track*
random fact: I have way too many AUs of AUs.

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